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Time Attack MX5

Posted by Ersen Kavaz on

The cars current state after years of neglect

This is a project i have been meaning to get off the ground for a while now.  I have been to the last three world time attack events(WTAC) at Eastern Creek in Sydney as a spectator and I'm keen to have a crack myself.  If you haven't heard of it before check them out here:

The car I plan on entering is 1990 Mazda Mx5.  Infact I first bought this car in 2009 while I was uni student.  This is important because I also modified the car over the next few years on a uni students budget.  It was my daily for roughly 5 years before it sat in my parents driveway for a year and a half rotting away.  I moved the car at the end of last year to my apartments garage and finally managed to start tearing it down this weekend.

Previous mods:

Engine & Drivetrain:

-Long nose crank

-Forged bottom end

-Ported and polished head (Intake manifold matched)

-Backyard turbo install (turbo off an early 90's legacy)

-Haltech Sprint 1000 ECU

-LS1 coils

- Rx7 fuel injectors

- m-tuned fuel rail

-m-tuned  coolant re-route

-Torsen type 1 differential

Suspension & Brakes:

-Yellowspeed coilovers

-Nolathane bushes

-NB8B mx5 turbo brakes

A quick look over the car revealed things weren't looking great.  I stopped drinving it initially because of signs of a blown head gasket.  There are plenty of things I'm not happy with on the car so I figured I would take the opportunity to change; well most of it while the head had come off.  So watch this space as i tear the mx5 down and make plans to get it all back together for WTAC this Ocotbor.


Continuing with the tear down:  The front guards and bumper had to come off in order to get to some rust under the A pillars

I cut the window out on the weekend, the plan was to try and salvage it but it cracked almost instantly. I didn't get any pics of the cracked glass but I got plenty of the rust hiding underneath:

Next on the list was removing the doors and cleaning off all of the rubber and dynomat I had installed a few years ago.

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